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Dream catcher

Hi every body

while the year 6’s are away we have been set some really fun goals.As my goals today is to be succesful when  making a dream catcher with some friends, it has been more difficult then they look. We have spent a lot of time trying to find the most easy one that we can do but the easy ones still take for ever. I will post photos when I am done and I will write about some more tasks I am doing this week.

Thanks for reading.

imagine if…. you got stranded in Antarctica

Hi 3/4

My investigations for term 4:

I am investigating what would happen if you got stranded in Antarctica.

I am working with Shekeya.

This is some information we researched.

polar people


For 10,000 years on 69 people have lived in the Arctic regions. Today there are groups around northern North America, Scandinavia and Siberia. Some live in the world’s most difficult conditions.


I don’t believe it


When Cold wind blows past a warm object, like a human body, it draws away heat in seconds. When the temperature is – 20C strong winds can double this to -40C. It freezes body parts in seconds.




Transport in the snow is snowmobiles that have skis at the front for steering .



My investigations

Hi 3/4 

For healthy mind/healthy body a group and I got together and decided to learn more about diabetes.

We are coming to the end of the term so we have to put the  final touches on our project.

My team and I are going to design a booklet on diabetes, cook and (drum roll please) we are going to have a

FUN DAY FRIDAY!!!!!  You will get to choose the movie which you will watch ,and on the same day it is footy day so it will be extra fun.

The booklet which we have created is useful if you what to find out more about diabetes.  It will be displayed in the investigations room at the end of term.  We are also making a chicken soup as part of our project.  This soup only has six ingredients and is really healthy.  

On movie day you are actually helping people with diabetes by watching the movie because the school is going to write a $100 dollars cheque to Diabetes Australia so they can buy new equipment to find a cure.

I would like to thank the group which I been working with for their help in finding facts about diabetes and in organising the different activities.  So would you put your hands together and give then around of applause.

Thank you for reading.

Enviro week

Hi 3/4

For Environment  week my group and I got together to make a pond at the back of 3/4 .

We made it for frogs because some frogs are endangered. Some ponds are  polluted because we all keep on littering.

So if you want these beautiful  creatures to keep on living , don’t litter and pick up 3 pieces of rubbish when you go to the beach . You can help the earth but you might  not notice it.  If you spread the word the earth will be so clean. If you do it all the wonderful animals will  repopulate!

My investigations

HI 3/4

My investigations is on diabetes.

My team and I  will be trying to find out if diabetes is about too much sugar or not enough sugar.

We will be presenting out findings at the end of the term.  We will put together a powerpoint presentation and  a food menu specific to diabetes.

I found out from a video clip which my teacher showed the class, that diabetes can be caused by eating too much sugar.

I look forward to finding out more facts and sharing them with you.





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